Protecting Your Mobile Devices

  • Allow your children to have some skin in the game.

Kids will usually be more careful if they’ve had to pay for some or all of their device.

  • Don’t live on the edge.

Don’t teeter your device on the edge of countertops, pools, toilets, etc.

  • Avoid keeping it in your back pocket.

Phone frames can bend under the pressure of your backside while sitting and possibly do damage to internal components.

  • Face the screen inward during manual labor.

Be careful to not have screen facing outward while doing such things processing firewood or construction.

  • Don’t keep in your top while running.

Some women have found creative spaces to keep their devices while exercising. The sweat can do water damage to a phone.

  • Keep safe while on the toilet.

Maybe read a book while going to the bathroom after taking your phone out and putting it on the counter and not keeping it in your hands or pockets.

  • Use a good case.

Invest in a good case and keep the phone in it, even if it is cumbersome and annoying.

  • Place phone in baggie while canoeing or hiking.

If you know you are going to be over water or think you could possible be under some water, keep your phone in a dry, sealed baggie for extra protection.