The Midlife Crisis of Technology – Nov 2019

Many customers who have spent at least half of their lives without mobile technologies feel lost in this new world. A great percentage of my customers apologize for what little they understand and seem to think they are the only ones without a handle on proficiency.

Here are some aspects of mobile phone operation that many of my customers are flummoxed by:

So many passwords for so many apps and services, and some need to be regularly changed.
What does an update do? Should I update or should I not?
What is the difference between data and Wi-fi? What is the cloud? What’s the difference between an email, a text and a direct message?
What is Bluetooth and what do I do with it?
People tell me my phone should be upgraded. Is that true?

New iOS 13 Features – Oct 2019

Works on iPhone 6S and newer (including iPhone SE), iPod Touch 7th gen and iPad Air 2 and newer, iPad Mini 4 and newer, iPad 5 and 6 and the iPad Pro models.

5 iOS 13 Features:
You can select to have all unknown callers go to voicemail. Anyone not in your contacts or mail or message history will not get through.

Quicker and easier selections from the Control Center for Wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Swipey keyboard with autocorrect.

Dark mode across Apple apps, can be programmed to begin and end at sundown and sunrise.

Video editing capabilities within the Photos app.

Should I Upgrade My Smartphone – Sept 2019

Should I upgrade?

Some reasons why you might consider it:

But you could also just get the battery replaced.

Some minor differences between phones which are 2-3 generations apart.

Is it worth what you gain for how much money you pay?

You might notice a great improvement in some of the newer models. But if you’re satisfied with what you have and want to save some money, is it that big of a deal?

Does your phone take the latest iOS? Are there apps you are no longer able to use?

Do you want to look cool having the latest iPhone? Or do you want to look frugal still limping around with an iPhone 4S?

Consider that, like a vehicle, many parts on an iPhone can be repaired and keep your device useful for longer into the future. The following are among parts that your average quality iPhone repair shop can pretty easily replace: broken screens, charger ports, cameras and dying batteries.